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Direct Support Credentialing Program

Here at DakotAbilities we have been ‘enthusiastic champions’ and have been actively involved in the development of this program across the entire State of South Dakota.  Our staff members are the most critical component of the ongoing health and safety of the wonderful people that we serve each day.  The nineteen agencies that serve people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) came together to develop a plan to fight the battle to recruit and retain qualified and high quality Direct Support Professionals (DSP).

The result of the collaborative effort is a recommendation that the SD State Legislature and the SD Department of Human Services support the development of a DSP credentialing program to create a professional position/career path, improve DSP wages, and improve technical training for DSPs.  The proposal is more than a request to increase funding – it’s designed to foster partnerships with regulators & lawmakers and offers an identifiable return on investment!

Read more by accessing our PDF here.