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Girl in Daily Program Offered by DakotAbilities

Day Services

Daily programs and vocational support in a variety of settings.
  • Day Services

    Daily programs and vocational support in a variety of settings.

Day Services

DakotAbilities provides meaningful day services through a wide variety of activities that are intended to challenge, engage, stimulate, and educate. Those activities are both community based and take place within the Longfellow Center. People supported in the day program are provided with the opportunity to find the things that mean the most to them and to grow by participation in those activities.

Longfellow Center

People supported in the DakotAbilities Day Program at the Longfellow Center are given the opportunity to perform on stage in a play, plant a seed in the garden and watch it grow, complete art projects led by professional instructors, listen and participate in music activities, and many other activities within the Longfellow Center. Each individual is assigned to a home room where staff coordinate a variety of games and activities throughout the day. The Longfellow Center also has a gym where people supported can kick a ball, shoot a basket, or engage in an activity with peers, staff and volunteers.

Community Based Activities

DakotAbilities also strives to engage people in community activities outside of the Longfellow Center. People supported at DakotAbilities have the opportunity to go swimming, go fishing, spend time at the Sioux Falls Library, volunteer as a group at Feeding SD, tour area museums, explore nature, go for walks downtown and at area parks, along with many other events and activities in the Sioux Falls area. Several relationships with people not associated with DakotAbilities have blossomed as the result of many community based activities.

Exploration Program

The Exploration Program at the DakotAbilities Longfellow Center provides individuals the opportunity to explore some more advanced skills and abilities as part of their day services. Individuals may work on computer skills, sorting tasks, learn financial management skills, explore hobbies, and a variety of other individualized and group educational opportunities.


For those individuals who want to explore employment opportunities, DakotAbilities offers support for those who want to pursue that path. A supported work site is maintained at the Citibank building. People working at the Citibank facility earn a piece rate for the work that they complete while learning valuable work skills. Other individuals who are ready for independent community employment are given the opportunity to work with Vocational Rehab to have skills assessments completed and work with Counselors and Job Coaches to gain full wage employment if they are ready. Several individuals supported at DakotAbilities are independently employed in the community.


Baking Cookies


Playing baseball in the gym with an elementary class that came in.


Learning about Native American Culture.